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Facilities Management
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NKI. Technical Facility Management.

We maintain, operate, inspect, repair and optimise your building’s technical equipment and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

The end result: the reliable, uninterrupted operation of your property.

NKI. Industrial Facility Management.

Industrial cleaning:

Any machine or system can run only as well as it is maintained, cleaned and cared for. In nearly all areas of industry, we help to prevent downtime and malfunctions.

We are making an important contribution to increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • Cleaning of complete industrial facilities
  • Cleaning ov production halls and warehouses
  • Cleaning of hall traffic routes
  • Cleaning of machines, operational and electrical systems
  • Inspection and repair of equipment and generators
  • Service, installation and conversion work

NKI. Infrastructural Facility Management.

In this context, we assume the management and control of building administration processes and services.

The result:

Your costs are lowered, functionality is improved and service quality is increased. In short, the value of your property is sustainably enhanced.

NKI. Real Estate Management.

Our Real Estate Management has offered top-quality services covering property and real estate management:

  • Tenant support and tenant relationship management
  • Lease management
  • Rent and property accounting, payments
  • Incidental cost apportionment
  • Budget planning, controlling and reporting
  • Technical property management
  • Administration of owner-occupied properties/properties owned in severalty
  • Property management costs and performance management
  • Due diligence
  • Selection, engagement and management of external service providers
  • Market and location analyses
  • Property analysis
  • Location and optimisation plans
  • Letting

Additional services:

We are the No. 1 partner for our customers and demonstrate the greatest competence in solving problems, in particular also in the area of "Real Estate Management" as one of the discipline of "Facility Management".

Your goals are our goals!

In doing so, we always place great value on:
  • Fairness
  • Openness and
  • Trust.

Fairness, openness and trust is especially true also just in precarious situations, for example in view of to protect our customer's assets from sequestration at home and abroad or other country risks.

The reasons for an expropriation for example can be infrastructure measures as:
  • Civil engineering and roadway
  • Road and rail construction
  • Coal mining
Further country risks:
  • Political or social upheaval
  • Nationalisation or expropriation of assets
  • Potential deterioration in macro-economic conditions
  • Non-recognition by a government of international liabilities
  • Seizure of properties
  • Currency depreciation or devaluation
  • Moratoria
  • Embargos
  • War
  • Revolution
  • Coup d'État
  • etc.

Then, we all rely on our Advocates connected with us as well as their affiliated and internationally versed "Of Counsels" around the globe.

To recognize and solve the problems of our customers, even before that they know there are problems, is our basic principle.

Our high personal involvement in this case goes back to John Rawls:

John Rawls

→ American philosopher and professor at Harvard University (1921-2002):


It's an excerpt from John Bordley Rawls's main work from 1971 "A Theory of Justice".

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