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Heidelberg | Old Brigde and southern shore of river Neckar  

Why us: NKI. Understanding and acting accordingly.

Why us

Figure: Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg | Inscription "To the Creative Mind".

NKI. Your Top Agency Network.
Personal and practical!

We are a top-network-led estate agency.

Our Team NKI makes us thereby who we are. We are individuals with different passions and strengths who take as much joy in the work we do as from those we work with.

Working together we will see big ideas through to working realities, helping you move from keeping up to breaking through.

In particular if you are new to NKI:

Please read the following lines carefully, before you want personal contact with us!


We feel it is very important, that customers get an idea of what they expect at NKI:

A) NKI. The "Presence of Living Spirit".

"To the Living Spirit" is the inscription right over the entrance portal to the building installation of the world-renowned Heidelberg University, officially the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, here of a listed building, the so-called "New University", a central lecture auditorium at Heidelberg Old Town.

This "Presence of Living Spirit" and its larger-than-life intellectual stimulating athmosphere, all along attracts people from all over the world to Heidelberg, in particular on a large scale world-beating scientists and students worldwide.

"Presence of Living Spirit" captures also NKI:


Properties, which can describe NKI:

→ Good health means good business!

B) NKI. This is what sets us apart.

Our service is targeted towards all customer groups - private clients as well as small and medium-sized businesses and industrial clients, intending to expect tailored, individual handling of purchasing properties and property portfolios, increasing their value by development or profitable letting and selling them when the market is favourable.

"Nothing will remain as it has been, everything is changing!"

Therefore you may be certain:

just now, particularly in periods of change, we will be a real partner on whom one can rely one hundred percent.

Our reliability is not without its causes:

  • the easy prioritization of our customers is NKI's strength.

  • our interdisciplinary Network consists of highly specialised experts.

  • State-of-the-art equipment: The newest generation of photographic techniques deliver high resolution, three-dimensional images and much, much more.

NKI. Not prepared to compromise on performance, efficiency or reliability:

Against this background, every closed contract with NKI is the beginning of an enhanced co-operation with us as a"person of trust" and not with us as a sales professional with sales talent and good strategical skills.

In other words:

Our many years of practical experience mean that we are able to give our clients the best advice not just from the purchaser's but also from our client's point of view.

As a "person of trust" and not only as an otherwise perhaps technocratic thinking and acting "sales capacity", we take the right steps and challenge our customers success!

For our customers at NKI this means:

  • We are working hands-on and in a solution-oriented manner.

  • We provide you with competent and independent consultation!

  • We think real-estate conveyance in new ways!

C) NKI. We think real-estate business in new ways!

→ And we have what it takes to turn ideas into reality!

Bild: City Hall at Heidelberg | Heidelberg Municipality with Heidelberg Market Square

Similar to a city hall as a "flagship of a city" also is the visual expression of the local identity, so our "7 POINTS" are creating identity for us as NKI.

  • Therefore, especially the following "7 POINTS" are important for us, and these points should be those aspects, we hope they are important for you, too:


We shall now, for once, use our "three minutes"
to say something basic:

→ Believe us, right now!

To enter into a contract means for us, only:


→ So that you have our full confidence!
→ Vice versa, you can fully rely on NKI as your real estate agency!
→ In relationships of trust, thereafter on us you can fully rely!

To describe it differently:

Because, we ensure that we are complying with the law, we need a treaty have to be fixed in written form, through which our business relationship can be protected and disproportionate measures and duties opposed. Ultimately, NKI always will swing into action "de jure" and "de facto", if a written contract was concluded between all parties involved.

→ We request your understanding for the facts!

Legislative action, state institutions, players.

→ To name just a view aspects:
    (just a few selection of the priorities)

→ What is Money Laundering?

Do you have questions on data or details?

If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions or doubts about our view on the matter, please send us an E-Mail to our legal adviser/company lawyer:

→ E-Mail: de_jure(at)norbertkoehler.com


a compulsory "written contract is a must" at NKI!

Commercially and contractually our practice guarantees a maximum of security to the client and forms the basis of successful working relations.

→ Thank you for the trust you have placed in our company!

A short information about the remuneration of our work:

As a start, you are eligible to receive "multiple complimentary benefits"!

And, that is the very reason:

NKI's works profit-related according to a contract concluded with the customer.

The well-known, so-called "broker's commission for NKI" exclusively becomes due by conclusion in case of successful negotiation, that is only with and not before the notarially attested act according to a contract concluded with the customer.

→ If an agreement hasn't reached, there is no reimbursement of expenses!

It is therefore a performance-based pay!



We appreciate a casual conversation!

We encourage always an open, confidential and friendly communication and interaction with one another and our business partners and customers.

For us, among other factors this means:
  • Listen to one another.
  • Talk to one another.
  • Act together.



We optimize the presentation of your property!


we have the best resources available:

  • text.
  • photography.
  • art design.
  • animation.
  • audio.
  • video.



We are cautious with presentations on the Net!

The presentation of your real estate property does not necessarily need to lead to an obligatory announcement on the internet, because NKI enjoys a solid customer basis for both local and regional as well as also at a supra-regional level.

In line with that reasoning, it must be considered:

our aim thereby is not to consolidate all data relevant to a property on "the Net" in order to use them for a internet presentation of your property, if a presentation on "the Net" is not is not absolutely essential.

This relates to both the presentation of your property on the own page as well as the presentation of your property on one of the prominent or also rather unknown internet platforms.



We fulfill our mandate unhearable!

The keyword is "discretion" quite rightly, what is expected of us.


our customers have a right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to the sale of your real estate property.

Also the work that we have delivered to the full satisfaction of our customers, for us should not be shouted from the rooftops!



We deal estate properties "according to rules"!

Even if an event occurs, that forces to sell a property, we make sure that with the sale the "good spirit of your property" is not lost.

You can see the passion for the work we do in everyone's eyes.


We always will make every effort to ensure that your real estate property is not only a remembrance of past moments, but that the pride and the soul of your house for you remains a wonderful gift.

We take care for maximum accuracy of fit to the acquiring legal entity of your real estate property, i. e. purchaser of your property are marked by an excellent fit!



We avoid disturbing real estate tourism!

Both a short CV and a short letter of motivation by potential interested buyers and tenants, must be written for sellers of a real estate, conducted by NKI, generelly in English, French or German.

Every application consists beside a current application photo the address including phone number and e-mail address of the interested parties.

The invitation of some selected and real interested parties to a successful visit for any property is initiated therefore regularly by the offering party based on this application!


You know us from now on by name?


View to the Old Bridge and the Heidelberg Castle

Your Team NKI at Heidelberg | Norbert Köhler Immobilien  

NKI: The new objectivity:

Your Team NKI is responsible for your concerns at DBC Real Estate & Infrastructure.


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