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Who we are: NKI. We have the special something.

Who we are

Figure: NKI | Every great business is driven by great teams.

People, who feel responsible.

Most importantly, we believe that as your estate agents we have an active role to play. Thereby, the big idea that drives us is to help our customers to reimagine their reality and shift the world towards a new sustainable paradigm.

NKI. Knowing exactly who one's agent is.

Norbert Bernhard KÖHLER
→ NKI Management of the company

Educational background:

→ Dipl.-Betrw. (master's degree in business administration) and
→ qualified commercial photographer

Overlapping function:

→ your Head of the Office at NKI main office Heidelberg
→ your team leader at NKI main office Heidelberg
→ your contact person of the management of NKI


→ German, English


Norbert Bernhard Köhler (born in 1961) as a "Founder of NKI" masters the DBC Real Estate & Infrastructure's office complex since September 2020.

He began his career as a "Consultant" at a startup of the "New Economy" in 1999 in Mannheim, where he was a "Project Manager Business Development" with responsibility for the business development e-procurement (until 2000).

Then, he became an "Account Manager E-management" at a division of an IBM Global Services company at Mainz and a "Consultant E-trading" at a Frankfurt company of the Misys Financial Group at Luxembourg (until 2002).

In the same year, as an "Investor Relations Manager" he take over a position, which covers topics such as corporate financing through Venture Capital and Private Equity by a Berlin investment company, a spin-off of the former German privatisation agency/German Treuhandanstalt (until 2005).

As an "Audit Assistant Government, Risk & Compliance" finally, he spend his time within the scope of classical German association work alongside the topic "Quality Management in the Healthcare Sector" (until 2007), before he came then under contract for the subject area "commercial criminal matters" as an "Assistant Research-Alliance" at a Nürnberg lawyer's office (until 2008) and hereinafter as a "Managing Partner" in the field of managment consulting at a Nürnberg consulting firm (until 2018).

Prior to joining the Nürnberg consulting firm DBC, as a "Student" he studied the subject business administration at the University of Pforzheim as well as at the University of Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, both with extended practical courses and temporary employments abroad in the U.S. and in Spain.

In 1983, he earned his certificate as a "qualified commercial photographer" at the Vocational School for Graphics, Photography and Advertising at Nürnberg. Thereafter, with his training background, he was working in the advertising industry (until 1992). A key focus topic of his work was product photography, advertising film projects as well as projects in the field of the experimental and qualitative market and opinion research.

Voluntary activities:

The volunteer work with and for individuals in third world countries enabled Norbert Köhler as a repeatedly elected "Federal Deputy Chairman" (2006 until his wife died 2018) in an international acting and private, non-profit, non-political voluntary positioned development organization (health care and medical-pharmaceutical-social services as well as construction activities) gain new valuable experience - experience, that is useful and helpful in one's daily work routine as well.

With his various backgrounds, Norbert Köhler today will focus more on "property industry".

Heidelberg shore of river Neckar with slipway, also known as "Wasserschachtel at the Neuenheim shore"

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NKI: in order to be better than others, it takes a special something:

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