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Heidelberg | Old Brigde and southern shore of river Neckar  

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Figure: Bells at Heidelberg | Here we have one bell of altogether 200 Heidelberg bells

The readiness is all!
(William Shakespeare)

No matter whether you are an existing customer or are new to NKI - you have made the right choice in partnering with a highly professional estate agency, with relevant expertise in real estate business!

NKI. Come and say hello!

We can be reached always and everywhere for you!

Norbert KÖHLER
DBC Real Estate & Infrastructure
Team NKI Norbert Köhler Immobilien

Quartier am Turm
Rudolf-Hell-Strasse 6

DE-69126 Heidelberg

Postanschrift "TEAM NKI":

Norbert Köhler Immobilien (NKI)

Quartier am Turm
Rudolf-Hell-Straße 6
DE-69126 Heidelberg


The best way of contacting us is:

1) Send Mail.

To answer to your request as well as possible, please send us an E-Mail to the following e-mail address:

E-Mail (your inquiry): info(at)norbertkoehler.com

We will contact you after your order promptly!

2) Phone.

If you prefer to contact us in person, please call the mobile phone number
+49 (0) 1 71 - 4 89 42 21.

Please speak to the answering machine (you can leave a message on the answering machine if no on is there to pick up the phone).

We want to try to reach you in the next hour!

Your inquiry should contains (in both cases):

  • your name, the telephone number that will reach you
  • a brief description of the problem/of your concern

Many thanks to you!

We look forward to your contact!

The view of Heidelberg Palace and the historic district on the Neckar river

Your Team NKI at Heidelberg | Norbert Köhler Immobilien  

NKI: if it is important for you, reaching always reach the best:

Your Team NKI is responsible for your concerns at DBC Real Estate & Infrastructure.


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