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Heidelberg | Old Brigde and southern shore of river Neckar  

What we believe: NKI. That could be also be interesting.

What we believe

Figure: City hall at Heidelberg | Heidelberg steam shipping on the river Neckar

If it sells, it's art!
(Frank Lloyd)

Properties: the nation's thyroid gland!

Future market real estate

Perspectives on the world of tomorrow:

→ It needs a radical rethinking in the real estate market?

How does property market develop?

→ Discover new perspectives on the real estate markets!

We will attempt an update:

Our update on the real estate market, as of April 2022, cannot do without a look at current geopolitical circumstances, because just when the Corona crisis seemed to be largely overcome, suddenly a war broke out in Ukraine.

The question is:

Is the German real estate market resilient enough in the face of the Ukraine war as it was previously under the pandemic? Both crises in any case indicate diverse impacts that could be decisive for the development.

Our belief:

1) Properties further continue to gain in importance:

Properties further continue to gain in importance. The current uncertainty through the events described could increase demand for properties rather than slow them down. Properties insofar remains furthermore the most important tangible asset and promises value stability.

2) The interest rates are rising:

The interest rates are rising in all likelihood, because some of the financial institutions apparently are already anticipating the ECB to tighten interest rates. In view of high and rising property prices, equity requirements for buyers now also are increasing parallel. With a view to the possibly increasing key interest rate, cash reserves could be now also increasingly activated, so alongside the motto: those who can buy, buy.

3) The building cost are rising.

Building cost are rising very strongly already now. The shortages of material regarding supply chains and lost outputs are parameters, in which case building costs and building prices are likely to rise forward. Rising building costs are generally pass through to the consumers.

Our résumé:

How the war in Ukraine and the imposition of economic sanctions will affect the property market, unfortunately for the time being cannot estimated at present not specific enough.

You still have questions, please?

Please understand, that we will not go into details at this point.

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Further informations:

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View from the upper station "Königstuhl" of the Heidelberg Mountain Railway to the city of Heidelberg

Your Team NKI at Heidelberg | Norbert Köhler Immobilien  

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